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Science & Humanities Engineering

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    The department of Science and Humanities is one of the crucial departments of the institute. The department offers different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics. It has well qualified, enthusiastic teaching faculties and well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Language laboratories. The department tries to cater to the needs and social responsibilities of students. It focuses on nurturing values like scientific attitude, good habits, etiquettes, morals to serve and solve the problems of the society at large.

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    Name of laboratory : Physics
    Laboratory In charge : Shri. R.M. Kodape 
    Supporting Staff          : Shri. B.B. Sonkusare (Tech.Lab. Astt.)
    Total investment (Rs) : 3,44,954/-

    Physics is a powerful instrument in engineering and technology.  It is the foundation of all core technology subjects. Study of science and technology goes hand in hand. Technical knowledge can be gained more effectively using concepts of Physics. The principles, Concepts of the subject used in industry.

    The study of this subject matter will make the students versatile, innovative, and sound base for engineering studies and research work in technical field

    Name of laboratory     : Chemistry
    Laboratory In charge : Miss. K.M. Yewale
    Supporting Staff          : Shri. D.P. Nawale(Lab. Astt.)
    Total investment (Rs) : 3,44,954/-

    Study of Chemistry is essential to Engineering course. It provides knowledge   of chemical properties of materials and selection of appropriate material for specific applications in the field of engineering.

    The contents of this subject are designed to enhance student’s capabilities in managing the given task and in solving challenging problems in the field of engineering. The subject will generate curiosity of carrying out further development in all engineering fields.

    The study of subject matter will enable the learner in solving problems while working in industries. This will be the gateway for development of reasoning capacity of student and understanding new technology as well.

    Name of laboratory     :  Language laboratory
    Laboratory In charge : Shri. A.M. Kalmegh 
    Supporting Staff          : Shri. D.P. Nawale(Lab. Astt.)
    Total investment (Rs) :  14,00,869/-

     In this age of globalization, competition is tough. Hence effective communication skills are important. Communication skills play a vital and decisive role in career development. The subject of Communication Skills introduces basic concepts of communication. It also describes the verbal, non-verbal modes and techniques of oral & written communication.

    It will guide and direct to develop a good personality and improve communication skills.